Software Developer

 ROLE                          Software Developer 

 HEADCOUNT                2 

 WORK LOCATION          Jatuchak, Bangkok 

 WORK MODE                Full-time, onsite 

 WORK PERIOD              6 month, renewable 

 PLANNED START DATE   April/May 2015 

 TOOLS                        No information 



     1. Have more than 3-5 years of experience in coding Excel VBA, especially in the following area: 

         1.1     SQL Server/ Oracle database connection and queries 

         1.2     Automatically display graphical objects (e.g. icons, images) in Excel Spreadsheet based on  

            the data queried from database and pre-defined conditions. 

     2. Have more than 3 years of experience in data model design, and advanced SQL  

     3. Have more than 3 years of experience in C# .Net or ASP.Net. is plus 

     4. Have the very strong logical thinking and can transform the business requirements into the  

        programming algorithms. 

     5. Having experiences working in a project with established coding standards and performance fine  

        tuning process is advantage. 

     6. Can work as a team and handle the assigned jobs independently. 

     7. Fast learning, self-explore to gain new knowledge, innovative thinking 

     8. Strong English language skill in writing, listening, reading, and speaking (can communicate well with  

        English native speaking people) 

     9. Understand the business requirements and design the programs accordingly. 

     10. Deliver programs and source codes  

     11. Deliver functional and technical design documents, database and data model design document

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